About the Project

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Global Health Summit Project

The Global Health Summit Project is a mechanism to bring decision makers together in the G8 chairing country to promote global health on the G8 agenda and to maintain continuity across G8 countries.
As the largest donor and most influential decision-making body, the G8 has unparalleled capacity in the global health arena. To achieve the goal of maintaining global health as a key G8 priority, the Project takes three innovative approaches: Engagement of top decision makers, Involvement of multi-stakeholders, and Community building and domestic follow-through.

Goals and approaches of Global Health Summit
Global Health Summit Background

Maintain global health as a key G8 priority

Global health is no longer guaranteed a spot on the G8 agenda, crowded out by:
-Economic slowdown (original G8 focus)
-Inflation / high energy prices
-Climate change
-Food crisis, etc.


Engage top domestic decision makers in G8 (chairing) countries

Global health experts often fail to engage key domestic decision makers (politicians, business leaders, etc.)

Involve multi-stakeholders, including foundations, businesses, and NGOs

G8 sherpa discussions focused primarily on government institutions

Community building and domestic follow-through across G8 countries

Sporadic efforts before the G8 with little continuity or collaboration